Blake2s : 2.37Phs
C11 : 62.72Mhs
Cryptonight : 12.77Mhs New!
Equihash : 9.79Msol/s
Equihash192 : -
Groestl : 393Ghs
Keccak : 1.96Ths
Lyra2rev2 : 776Ghs
Lyra2rev3 : 0.00hs
Myrgro : 8.95Ths
Neoscrypt : 704Mhs
Nist5 : 56.14Ghs
Odocrypt : 8.95Ghs
Phi2 : 8.20Mhs
Quark : 99.08Ghs
Qubit : 197Ghs
Scrypt : 722Ghs
Sha256 : 32.05Phs
Skein : 153Ghs
Skunk : 0.00hs
Tribus : 0.00hs
X11 : 44.94Ths
X11gost : 46.19Ghs
X13 : 4.33Ghs New.
X13bcd : - New.
X16r : 836Mhs
X16s : 16.35Khs
X17 : 0.00hs
Yescrypt : 23.38Khs
Yescryptr16 : -
Yescryptr32 : 0.00hs
Yespower : 187hs
Yespowerr16 : -
Unknown Address

Welcome to HashCryptos

HashCryptos is a cryptocurrency mining pool for everyone, from beginner to expert.
Anybody who simply want the best profits from his mining device(s).


No hidden fees or charges, Only relevant information,
what you see is what you get.

Anonymous & Secure

Mine with only your payout address as a reference.

Best Profits

Always mine the best profit with our custom, highly optimized exchange algorithm for automaticaly exchanging your mined coins to any of the supported payout coins for the best price.

How to start mining

1. Select an algorithm.
2. Select the currency you want to get payed in.
3. Fill in your wallet address.
5. Press ''Activate and get Miner Settings'
6. Configure your miner with the url, username and password provided
Miners can be named by adding a [dot]+miner id, Example: ADDRESS.miner1
Or using password: n=miner1, For random names: n=r
password field can also be used to set a fixed mining difficulty by using "d=[difficulty]"

We do NOT use any other password arguments!

- Payouts

Payouts are PPS
Payouts in all currency's default to every 24 hours but can be changed to 12h, 24h, 2d, 3d, 7d, 14d or 31d
The minimum amount for all currency's is 0.00000750 due to network restrictions.
No fee's are being charged on any transactions


For convenience and compatibility we use Yiimp formatted api output.

Address Validation / Activation
Miner will only produce profit after the address is validated and activated.
After activation you can mine any algorithm with this address.
Invalid Currency.
Please provide a valid address.
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